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$15 per hour Part Time

Company Description

We Are the Life of the Party

Apartment Life is a faith-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the apartment industry since 2000. We believe every individual is created for community and that we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our goal is to live this out while providing strong business value to apartment owners.  

As a faith-based organization, we are committed to Fair Housing guidelines to ensure that all residents are treated fairly, equally, and consistently. All of our employees are trained in Fair Housing guidelines.

We perform our responsibilities and conduct our behavior based on a foundation of core values, which shape our culture, define our character, and guide how we make decisions. Regardless of what else may change, we are committed to remaining true to the following values:

Real: We believe in authentically connecting with each other and communicating with transparency in grace and truth.

Caring: Employees quickly become "like family" as we celebrate with each other and support each other in times of need.

Playful Attitude: We're professional and, at the same time, we maintain perspective and don't take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun together - enjoying light-hearted times and good-natured laughter.

Business-with-a-Cause: As a fully integrated organization, we weave together excellence in business with serving and loving our neighbors well.

Position Description

Offsite Programs

Our offsite program requires one coordinator to serve between 5-10 hours per week at an apartment community and commit to a minimum of one year. The coordinator is not required to live onsite and is paid an hourly wage.


Our Ideal Coordinators


It takes a unique skill set to serve as an Apartment Life Coordinator. Based on our experience, the most successful individuals have the following key qualities:

Relational and Professional
You have a heart for people and a desire to serve our clients with excellence. You understand the power of relationships and the importance of serving in a cheerful, professional manner.

Motivated to Serve
You follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership.

Natural Networker

You love God, and you love people. You’re outgoing and energetic and not afraid of strangers. You love meeting new people, and you’re a good listener.

Party Planner
You love hosting people, planning events, and gathering people organically. You’re organized and creative, and you’re naturally good at helping others make new friends. You have a great eye for decor, and you can stretch a budget like nobody else. You love it when your calendar is packed full with social events.

Able to Mobilize Volunteers
Sacrificially serving neighbors and staff can be a challenging, yet rewarding, experience. If you are highly involved with a local church, you will have a stronger support base, which leads to healthier relationships and work-life balance. Having a support structure that can provide child care options, volunteers, donations, supplies, and resources for events will enable you to pour out your heart to residents, fulfill your commitment, and avoid burnout.

Financially Responsible
You’re a good steward of your personal finances, so we can trust you with the apartment community’s monthly budget for events.

You welcome accountability and are willing to go above and beyond to demonstrate the value and impact of your service to your apartment community. You will meet regularly with your property management staff, write monthly reports, and work with an Apartment Life program director to ensure that the program is done with excellence.

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